CRO Custom Services

Assay Development

Accelerate your research by leaving the development process to us. Our teams of experts specialise in the development of novel panels using genomic and immunoassay technologies.

Genomics: Our qPCR expertise

qPCR is a powerful technique to provide precise and quantitative data which reflects changes in gene expression.  Our team have supported various qPCR projects involving the design and validation of custom primers for multiplex assays, quantification of gene expression in cell lysates and optimization of diagnostic RT-PCR based assays.

Assay development solutions provide a final report which details the in silico design and validation of primer/probe sequences, experimental validation of primer/probe design (optimizing primer and probe concentrations, annealing temperature and ensuring specificity of primers using reference materials), as well as clinical validation.

The laboratory have proficiencies in various platforms including the QuantStudio (Thermofisher), ViiA7 (Thermofisher), ABI 7500 (Thermofisher), LightCycler II (Roche), CFX opus (BIO-RAD) & Rotorgene Q (Qiagen).  

Currently developing biomarker assays for Long Covid.

Immunoassays: Our ELISA expertise

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) are a technology used to detect the presence of proteins within a sample using specific antibodies.

Development parameters are detailed in a final report which involves format choice (direct, indirect or sandwich), antigen and antibody pairs, conjugating/labelling strategy and enzyme and chromogen selection, as well as clinical validation (limit of detection, sensitivity, specificity, cross-reactivity).

Our team has extensive experience using various serological platforms and methods such as Architect i2000SR (Abbott), Vidas(Biomerieux), EVO (Tecan), Liaison XL (Diasorin), Auto-LIA (Fujirebio), particle and latex agglutination, and plate based ELISAs using Microplate readers: Dynaread Microplate reader (Dynex Technologies), iD5 Hybrid plate reader (Molecular Devices) & Infinite F50 (Tecan).  

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