The ultimate test for detecting common winter viruses.

Due to the flu and cold season coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic, understanding the cause of your symptoms is becoming increasingly difficult. The PeploPass Test enables rapid detection of Covid-19, RSV and Flu - protecting yourself and your loved ones.

When should you use a PeploPass Test?

Traditional Covid-19 tests only determine whether or not you have Covid-19. PeploPass testing uses multiplexing which allows you to distinguish between respiratory infections - and act accordingly.
When visiting your loved ones.
Because you would do eveything to protect them.
When you need a travel test.
Your PeploPass result can be used whenever you need proof of a negative PCR test result.
For your next big project, meeting or event.
Because people need what your buisness has to offer.
Whenever you have cold-like symptoms.
Because it's just better to know.

A certified, highly accurate, real-time PCR multiplex test.

The PeploPass Test Kit is your best testing option for detecting common respiratory infections. Here's why:

Precise Results

Detects common winter infections: Covid-19, Influenza A/B, and RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), including the most recent strains of the viruses.

96% - 100%
Sensitivity across the panel
Highly accurate in distinguishing between the 3 viruses.


Purchasing and taking three different tests can be expensive. Our multiplex test allows you to detect and distinguish between the three infections with just one test, helping you to make significant savings.

1 PeploPass PCR test
1 Covid-19 PCR test
1 Flu A/B PCR  test
1 RSV A/B PCR test

PeploPass Badge

The PeploPass badge is your way of showing everyone that you are taking the extra steps to keep your community safe and healthy.

You will be able to use your PeploPass Badge to prove your status at events, venues and on social media.

The PeploPass Badge will soon be available on Instagram and your digital wallet app.

1 test. 3 results.

PeploPass Testing will offer you results for three common winter infections:
Covid-19, RSV, and the flu (A/B)
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